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DR PRO MAX-34 Field & Brush Mower

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The most powerful widest field & brush mower in the range.

The PRO MAX-34 is the widest and most powerful walk behind field and brush mower in the range offering a 34″ (86cm) cutting width. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series V-Twin engine, this field and brush mower will easily cut through saplings up to 3″ (7cm) in diameter and 8 foot high weeds. All the DR optional attachments are compatiable with the PRO MAX-34 Field & Brush mower.

Maximum Cutting Capacity
The 34″ wide cutting deck ensures swift progress when cutting through weeds, brush, grass or even 3″ thick saplings.

Power Steering
The simple, but effective disc brake system enables the power steering function. Each wheel is fitted with its own brake which is operated by a hand lever. When one of the brake levers are compressed, the mower will pivot easily around that wheel making moving the field and brush mower around obstacles easy.

34″ Wide Pivoting Deck
The 34″ deck on the PRO MAX 34 is our widest cut walk-behind brush cutter. Unlike the rigid, fixed decks found on some brush mowers, the DR deck pivots from side to side, enabling it to follow the contours of rough ground. This feature minimises scalping and improves traction.


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