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Shredders & Rotavators

Shredders & Chippers
Shredders and chippers offer a safe, economical and efficient method for ridding your garden of unwanted waste. By reducing this garden waste down to a much smaller volume, it becomes much easier to transport and dispose of.

A comprehensive range of electric garden shredders and petrol chipper shredders is available, including inexpensive low-noise electric models and more powerful petrol-driven machines for larger gardens.

We offer chippers and shredders to suit all gardens and all budgets, from well established and trusted brands like Viking , Dr Power , Camon etc.

Cultivators, Tillers & Rotavators

Make your soil and planting beds thrive with petrol cultivators, tillers and rotavators, a time-saving solution for essential maintenance work.Our petrol cultivators, tillers and rotavators will plough over any rough terrain in front of them. Please browse our full collection for a model that suits you!


Please phone, or call in at our showrooms and service centre at Station Road West, Whittlesford, (right next to the Whittlesford train station), to discuss your requirements and look at the options available.

Duxford Hire And Supply

Duxford Hire And Supply