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Leaf Blowers

From small property residential to large property commercial Leaf Blowers / clean-up, Billy Goat’s full line of Force™ blowers are up to 30% lighter and deliver up to 7x the power of a backpack. Smooth composite versus steel housing is quieter and eliminates air voids for a smooth and powerful flow. Proprietary Aim n Shoot™ technology directs air flow from the handle.

F6 Small Property / ResidentialBilly : Goat’s F601 Series Force blowers feature the next level of performance and productivity in push blowers

F9 Large Property / Commercial :  Step up to commercial cleanup power! This unit is ideal for medium size maintenance contractors and large property owners.

F13 Contractor / Municipal : Professional power and productivity, this Honda powered unit is a favorite for full size landscapers

F18 The Ultimate : The ultimate in volume and power! A 6” discharge with air velocity of just below 200 mph will blow and push leaves and debris farther so you can clean up faster than with any other blower

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