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What to consider when buying a Lawnmower
A power lawn mower is recommended for areas larger than 300 sq m. The larger the lawn, the greater the cutting width. Remember that every 1,000 sq m of lawn you mow means a walk of two to three kilometres. Which means that self-propelled mowers or Riders become interesting options.

How often do I mow the grass?
The cutting system you choose is determined by the type of lawn and how often you mow it. Rear and side ejection can handle taller, wilder grass, coarser grass types and seldom-cut lawns.

Do I want to collect to grass?
Lawnmowers with collection save time and clean-up, and can also be used for leaves, twigs, weeds etc. Collection is also a good idea if you want to avoid allergic reactions to grass, and decrease the spreading of weed seeds.

Be considerate to the neighbours.
Choose a suitable time to mow the grass. For instance, if you have a power mower, avoid evenings and weekends if possible. Remember that people in your surroundings can be sensitive to airborne grass pollen.

Help and Guidance.
As a long-established main dealership we pride ourselves in helping our customers make the right decisions about the lawnmowers and other garden machinery they buy. Our showrooms and garden machinery service centre is at Station Road West, Whittlesford, next to the Whittlesford train station. Please feel free to give us a call, or come to our premises and talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable sales team for guidance and advice.

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