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Hyundai 2800w Electric and Remote Start Petrol Inverter Generator HY3000SEi

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This is the electric and remote start version of the Hyundai HY3000SEi inverter generator which can be started with a simple turn of the key, or remotely from up to 20 metres away. With a power output of 2800w / 2.8kW, this petrol inverter generator is perfect for off-grid use and extremely popular in the camping, caravan and motorhome markets.

Using pure sine wave technology, which mimics the power produced by the mains supply, the HY3000SEi is perfectly safe to use with any sensitive electronic equipment such as televisions, laptops, heaters, chargers, lights and more.

Weighing only 28.5kg and fitted with a handle as standard, the HY3000Si is a lightweight and portable unit which can be easily stored in a small space. The compact design of the HY3000SEi is a staple of the series and a large reason why Hyundai inverter generators are so popular in the leisure market. The 2.8kW is produced by a Hyundai HX149 5.2hp recoil start petrol engine and the 4.5 litre fuel tank can provide a running time of up to 8 hours before requiring a refuel.

To increase fuel economy and increase the lifespan of the engine, the HY3000Si features an “ECO” mode which lowers the engine revs to match the required power output. The control panel features two 13a plug sockets for powering any equipment with a standard mains plug.

If desired, the Hyundai HY3000SEi can also be converted to run off LPG, an option which is increasingly popular in the caravanning community.


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