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Countax B60 4Trac Garden Tractor

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The unique 4TRAC system turns a Countax into a “go anywhere, mow anywhere” garden tractor capable of tackling slopes, mud and rough terrain.

Four wheel drive extends the tractor’s utility even further. With a B Series you can take your Countax to places where most ride-on-mowers can’t go. Safely mow slopes that previosly required a brushcutter to clear. Tow a trailer through a muddy copse or clear the snow from your drive.

4TRAC provides “on demand” four-wheel drive. It senses where grip is required and applies drive accordingly.

As part of the Operating Management System, Electronic Slope Alert sounds an alarm and displays a warning before an incline too great for safe mowing is reached. Dynamic Traction Control avoids scuffing on your lawn by varying the speeds of the front wheels when turning.

The new XRD deck found on the C & B series tractors is the toughest, most durable rear discharge deck Countax has ever built. It’s fabricated from high grade steel and built to professional specifications. It is reinforced with a thick impact bar to further protect it from every day wear and tear. This makes it the ideal large rough cutter for semi wild areas that you cut infrequently and leave several inches longer.

With the grass collector removed, the tractor is agile and highly manoeuvrable, easily capable of cutting around trees and other obstacles.


  • Kawasaki FS481V 603cc twin cylinder engine
  • 107cm (42″) XRD rear discharge cutter deck


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